Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pittsburgh: Day 1 – Together at Last

Since our plane got in after midnight I opted to take a cab to Ms. Pool Sharks, and since it was so super late when my Little Cricket and I finally arrived at her house Ms. Pool Shark and I pretty much just hugged and went to bed. This morning we were woken up bright and early by our little human alarm clocks. I was so excited to spend time with Ms. Pool Shark but even more excited to see her sweet little girl. I got to see her once at her first birthday party where she wasn't quite talking and where she was still a little baby. Now almost four she is a bubbly vivacious gorgeous little girl. I had SO MUCH FUN with her on this trip. Before I even came she insisted that she had an imaginary friend that had my same name. Mimicking her mama’s love for me, she created a Mrs. Rogue all for herself. And from the moment I got to see her she was my new BFF.



First on the agenda was breakfast. We drove to an amazing little breakfast diner that Ms. Pool Shark loves only to realize that it was Sunday and the line was a mile long…. Uh yeah not our style. So we opted to go to the super fancy breakfast place with the white linen tablecloths and divine breakfast buffet and most importantly NO LINE. That buffet was out of this world amazing. And with the gorgeous hotel décor as the backdrop Ms. Pool Shark and I were totally happy… this is more like it.






Of course with kids breakfast was a little less relaxed and drawn out but we made do. The kids did great. I am always a little nervous at fancy restaurants with my kid. Eating out is sometimes hit or miss. Afterwards as a reward we let our little munchkins run around the courtyard fountain. Nothing like a little run will get those wiggles out after siting for so long. I truly believe that if you set your expectations to what children can give, and you allow them to have frequent breaks to do what they need to do, that you can go anywhere and do almost anything with children in tow.



Afterwards we had several errands to run but first more planned playing. Ms. Pool Shark took us too a mall nearby with a really cool play area. Although there were a ton of other kids there. Some of them much older children that were getting in the way, that I oh so gently encourage that they go away. One thing is that now my Little Cricket is really walking and getting into everything I am running and having to be sure he doesn't get hurt or in trouble. With so many other kids and so many potential pitfalls I was chasing after him the whole hour we were there. I have to admit it was exhausting. When we were finally ready to leave my Little Cricket when quietly and contently into his stroller. Success. We popped into a children's store to pick up a few things and then we were on to the next adventure.


We hit PF Chang's for lunch and then the grocery store for food and supplies for the next few days. It was a long afternoon but we weren't quite done just yet!



Ms. Pool Shark had a surprise for me. We dropped the kids off at her future father-in-laws house and we spent three glorious hours doing what we love best, shooting pool! She took me to a place called Rock Bottom and we had a table just to ourselves. Both of us used to shoot pool 4-5 times a week back in college. Neither of us have the time to shoot, in fact I haven’t shot pool more than once or twice in the past year. Its like getting on a bike. Sure I wasn't playing as well as I would have 10 years ago but my game was on. We drank kahlua and creams, we laughed, I won, and we had the most amazing time. Of course too soon it was back to reality and back to pick up the kids. But what a wonderful gift this time alone was.



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