Saturday, October 4, 2014

Not Every Birthday can be Filled with Fireworks and Magical Unicorns

Today I turn 36. Normally I love traveling on my birthday, because that is my most favorite thing in the world to do. But Mr. Rogue had some knarly deadlines going on this month so we took our Florida trip a few weeks ago for my birthday. So today was kind of anti-climatic. My husband, my cousin and my best friend all worked… all day long. I thought I would go out on my own, do some shopping, but My Little Cricket woke up super fussy from his nap… and no one, least of all me, wants to take a fussy baby to the mall for a few hours.

So I was kind of feeling sorry for myself. I do have an amazing life, I have a fabulous husband, I have an awesome mostly happy kid, I just took an great vacation, I have wonderful people in my life who love me and I also got a ton of phone calls and facebook messages. But I guess I was just having a little pity party.

I did get some beautiful flowers from my Sister-in-law, and I got the best card ever from my Mother-in-law. My cousin gave me a pretty necklace with a bird on it that I love. And I bought myself a wallet a few days ago as a gift from my husband that I love! I even had picked up fresh macaroons the day before because they are smaller and therefore less calories than baking a whole (Evil) cake. So I wasn’t ignored by any means. I also have to realize that not every birthday can be filled with fireworks and magical unicorns.






Later that day, drinking now and hanging out with my favorite Little Cricket I was talking on the phone with Ms. Pool Shark in Pittsburgh, and I was missing her, and we were talking about the wonderful fall foliage that is just starting to change, and then in that moment I decided to give myself another birthday gift. I got a plane ticket right there for myself and my Little Cricket to fly to Pittsburgh next week. And the best part, I bought our tickets with points, not one single dime was spent. I am SO EXCITED! And just like that, my day got a lot brighter.



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