Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Little Crickets 18 months Pediatrician Appointment

I went to the pediatrician with some trepidation today. My son is wonderfully healthy. He is active, bright, alert, happy and he eats fantastically. His skin looks good and he looks proportional if not just a touch skinny. However he is small. We get together with my mom group friends and he is easily one of the smallest in the group. Neither my husband (6’ 2”) nor I (5’ 7”) are small people and although I know he is healthy I worry.

So I held my breath when he was weighed and measured. When he was weighed my heart sank. He is 21 pounds and 12 ounces, that’s only up a pound from our last visit. I was concerned, but the doctor wasn’t. He is growing beautifully on his own curve. Kids grow at their own pace and she says he is perfectly perfect. As an added precaution we went through what my Little Cricket eats in a normal day and I was told that was quite a bit for his age. I guess I just have to accept the little part of my Little Cricket and just be happy that he is perfect just the way he is.




In his general checkup the doctor found a little fluid in one of My Little Cricket’s ears. Generally you see this, she explained, right before or after a cold. Since he hasn’t been sick at all I am hoping it isn’t a cold in the making. Just to be sure it doesn’t turn into an ear infection the doctor will check them out again when we come back in a month to get the second flu booster.


And speaking of the flu booster it was time for my Little Crickets shots. I hate needles and always have, and although I am getting better at dealing with them I still dread forcing my Little Cricket to get them and the tears that follow. This time however he got his shots and didn’t even blink. Not even a whimper during his three shots. What a relief my Little Cricket is such a trooper.

The nurse left the room and I started dressing my son only to notice almost immediately a rash showing up on my sons leg. I called the doctor in and it seems like My Little Cricket had an allergic reaction. We double checked with the nurse and the Dtap was the shot he got in that leg. Its odd as this is his fourth Dtab shot and he has never had a reaction before. The doctor had me stay for another half hour just so she could monitor the rash and make sure it didn’t turn into something worse. She kept monitoring his breathing and temperature but all stayed normal. I was sent home with instructions to watch the rash, his breathing and his temperature over the next 48 hours and to call if there were any changes. Poor baby.



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