Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mrs. Faith is Here

My husbands mother, Mrs. Faith arrived today, a week early than everyone else. She is retired and wanted to spend some quality time with everyone before it got crazy and busy. I picked her up from the airport early this morning and the fun began. We went to my Little Crickets favorite park so he could get the wiggles out. Grandma loved the park and she loved following my Little Cricket around and pushing him in the swing.





Once we wore out the baby sufficiently we headed to Micheals. I had a few projects I was thinking of tackling for the holidays and since we were there I picked up a few craft supplies for the kiddo.


We made a huge spaghetti dinner with one of us chopping or sautéing while the other kept my Little Cricket entertained. It is so much easier to do things when there are two people to get things done with. Throughout the week Mr. Rogue was working a ton of hours but since we live so close to work he managed to pop home for dinner a few nights while she visited.




Once Mr. Rogue left, we did the dishes and put the baby down we could finally kick up our feet and relax. Mrs. Faith and I both love to cook and while trying to watch a movie to watch she suggested Julie, Julia. Although I have read the book I had never seen the movie. It was awesome. I love both Meryl and Adams and the movie was just cute.


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paul peggy zeus said...

You have the most wonderful mother in law. LOVE HER too!

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