Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

And there was even more Halloween fun today, I may just explode with happiness. Some of my mom group friends and I decided to meet at Mr. Bones Pumpkin patch. My Little Cricket and I went last year and had fun, but I knew that now I had a toddler it would be even better. Being a Tuesday it wasn't horribly crowded for LALA land standards. The moms kind of made it there when they could. We stayed for a little over two hours and as predicted my Little Cricket had a blast. The kids played in the giant pumpkin, the Indian tipi, the giant rocking horse, the pumpkin patch, the wagons and the petting zoo. My Little Cricket fell in love with one of the fancy chickens at the petting zoo. But I think the biggest joy were the wagons. All the kids wanted to get in them, ride in them, and pull them.



Oh and I just couldnt reisit this 'Fang-tastic' tshirt. With my Little Cricket's vampire fangs its just perfect for him.








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paul peggy zeus said...

Fun day with your little pumpkin!

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