Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mom Group: A Little Birthday Breakfast

Today it was one of the mom’s birthdays. Instead of a nice brunch at a fancy restaurant, which I would have done with friends pre-baby, my mom group opted to throw a little pot luck brunch at a park. A park that we have never been too that was super fabulous. It was small so it was easy to watch your little one, it was especially built for kids under 5 year old and it was totally fenced in so our kids couldn’t run away. My Little Cricket had a blast playing with his friends.




I had so much fun too. With so many moms there that I knew and trusted we kind of all watched all the kids which was so much easier than me just spending the time running after my kid. We could take breaks to eat and talk knowing that another set of eyes was watching. We had lots of yummy food, I made my homemade banana bread muffins which were a big hit. But we also had mini quiches, donuts, croissants and fruit. And best of all Mrs. J came with her new little two week old bundle of joy; the first second child born to our group.


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