Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mom Group: A Day at the LALA Land Zoo

One of my readers mentioned that a new baby hippo was born. I was super excited, but also a little confused. I visit the zoo pretty often and I should have heard that the hippo Mara was pregnant. When I looked it up turns out that no one really knew that hippo was pregnant which is why this big bundle of joy was a surprise. Of course I had to make plans immediately to see it. A few of the moms from my group opted to join me, because who wouldn’t want to go to the zoo.


One of the moms had never been to the zoo before, it is always a treat to show someone around. I wanted to go straight to the hippo exhibit, but it was all the way in the back and we would have had to skip a ton of animals to get there so I tampered down my excitement and took the long leisurely route. After all waiting makes the heart happy or some crap like that right.





My Little Cricket wanted down from the stroller multiple times so I let him do what little boys do best RUN AWAY FROM THEIR MOMS. I must have ran five miles chasing that kid all over the park. He had such a great time running from exhibit to exhibit, and all his little friends had fun following. I just don’t understand why it is so horrible to hold my hand.





Finally we made it to the hippo exhibit and I got to see fantastic vies of the new little, not so little, baby. The baby swam, and cuddled his mama. So super cute that baby hippo. Although the hippo exhibit was crowded I got some really great photos. Yay for little babies, and yay for readers that give me awesome tips.




We sat there for a good half hour, and I would have sat there longer but the kids were getting very restless. We headed over to the park, which is thankfully just right around the corner from the hippo exhibit and we let the kids run. My Little Cricket is getting used to this park now, he knows what he can and cannot do, plus it was pretty slow without a ton of kids running around, so I don’t have to watch him as closely as normal. He had so much fun running around with his friends. He spent a good solid 20 minutes trying to climb up the slide, after a ton of failed attempts he finally made it to the top. That smile of pride, it just melted my heart, I love this kid.



We visited my Little Crickets favorite animals, the giraffes. He goes crazy over them, its super adorable. I really don’t have a favorite animal, I love so many for their beauty and uniqueness. I was super excited today though because both of the big cats were out in plain sight. Normally they are hiding. The lion of course was sleeping, like he always is, but at least he was front and center we could all get a good look at him. But the tiger was actually running around. What beautiful animals. I love the zoo.



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