Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mom Group: Cooking Party

I have been sharing with several moms in my mom groups who are interested in trying new recipes and learning how to cook better. For a while now there was interest in having a cooking day where I could teach a couple of the recipes to people. I was so hesitant to even think about doing this because I wasn’t really sure how it would go. I would have to come up with things to cook, make sure we had enough burners and pots and pans, get a grocery list together and somehow split that up and then hope everyone arrives with the correct things.

But after being asked for the 20th time I finally started to plan it, I figured we would try it once and see how it went. I choose three recipes that I thought people would like, recipes that the babies might also like as well, and then I sent out the list of ingredients to each person. Everyone arrived realitivly on time and the one who couldn’t come dropped off her ingredients beforehand. I started splitting up tasks and we started cooking a massive amount of food. Sadly only two other moms seemed to be super comfortable in the kitchen, and they were the ones who helped the most. But everyone chipped in a little, even very pregnant Mrs. A grated the carrots.



We made Savory Quinoa Muffins, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Rustic Curry Vegetables. As the night wore on people started having to leave. We ended up with just three of us finishing the last batch of muffins. Thankfully everything tasted perfect, and we had plenty to split up so everyone could take some home.


The night couldn’t have gone better. Even the kids played super great on their own while we all worked in the kitchen. I may just have to do another one of these soon.


After everyone left despite the fact that I was exhausted I started the pot to make another batch of stock. With 5 chicken carcasses and plenty of veggies left over I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a huge stockpile of my own chicken stock. While I got that simmering I started the MOUNTAIN of dishes. Maybe next time I should hire someone to come and clean up afterwards.


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paul peggy zeus said...

What a great time cooking with your friends in the kitchen.

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