Monday, October 27, 2014

LA Zoo with Ms. Sweetie

Ms. Sweetie and I decided to venture to the zoo today. I have a pass which means we all get in free. Parking is free. And with our packed lunch it’s a fun free day for all. This time we opted to get a caricature done. I wasn’t horribly impressed with the artists skills but it was still fun to get one done and a lovely memory.




There was no one here today and it was awesome. Because school had just started and because it was a cool Monday we just didn’t see too many people which was awesome. The whole park pretty much to ourselves. I always love visiting the zoo. I do feel a little sad for the animals sometimes but nowhere else can I get this close to live animals from around the world, teach my son about them, and hopefully help to support to help zoos with conservation. Education is so important to helping these animals. Plus it helps my wildlife skills from going rusty. Since having a baby I have only been out in the field one time.









Midway through the zoo is an incredible park and shaded play area. Each time we visit my Little Cricket gets more and more brave. I still have to follow him and make sure he doesn’t get squished by other kids, but with the park being so empty right now he pretty much had free reign.



If you keep your eyes open when outside I always find something interesting. Today the hummingbirds were out in force and because we were in a park, and because the birds were used to people, I was able to get quite close. But the real surprise was the praying mantis we found. He was just chilling on a hand rail to the aviary. I have only seen a praying mantis a few times in the wild and this one was a great specimen. We stayed for a while taking photos. What a super cool find.




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paul peggy zeus said...

Love those praying Mantis - totally coolest bug ever. This one is very young, you can tell by how green he is. Love the yawning Koala too. The zoo is such a great place to go.

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