Sunday, October 26, 2014

It was Just Corn-mazing!

In order to maximize the Halloween amazingness, it is my favorite holiday, and to do something fun we opted to drive out to Underwood Farms. It took us an hour to drive there, and then almost an hour to get through the insanely long line to park. It took so long to park that both Mr. Rogue and I were more than annoyed. If it hadn't taken an hour to get there we would have turned around. Thankfully once we parked there wasn’t any more hassles. The place was HUGE, so even with so many people it didn't feel packed.


We opted to make our way to the back of the farm first to try out their corn maze. The maze was ridiculously awesome and much harder than I thought it would be. At almost a half mile square there were so many twists and turns and dead ends to make your head spin. In the beginning we kind of just followed around my Little Cricket in a kind of chaos theory to solving the maze. But then once we started getting hungry Mr. Rogue took to directing us with a little bit more precision. Finally after about an hour in the maze we found the end marked by a large pyramid of hay. I climbed up, as did almost everyone else, including my Little Cricket.







This place was crazy; one part farm, one part theme park and one part zoo it had just a little bit of everything. We got something to eat, which was tolerably ok and I was super sad to learn they ran out of caramel apples. We headed to the pumpkin patch next so we could grab a few photos of my Little Cricket. Man, it is getting harder and harder to get decent photos of this guy. He moves and runs so fast that I have a hard time getting that great Kodak shot. With Mr. Rogue there to help wrangle it was a little easier… and I got a few good photos of me and My Little Cricket together too.







There were a ton of games and things to do that weren't age appropriate yet for my Little Cricket but we did have a ton of fun watching everything that was going on. There was a ton of cool things to see including the bee keeper glass where my Little Cricket loved seeing the hive. And a large play area with a sand pit. My Little Cricket gravitated immediately to the bulldozer. He is such a boy.



Next we visited the section with all the animals. There were tons of farm animals and a few unusual ones, like the birds. Although my Little Cricket liked seeing the animals he simply LOVED the petting zoo.





On the way out we stopped by their market of farm fresh produce; I nabbed a ton of squash, apples and berries. There is nothing better than fruit and veggies straight from the farm.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love that you take Cricket to see so many new and fun things. Learning experiences that are priceless.

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