Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy 6th Year Anniversary my Love

When I booked my flight out to Pittsburgh it totally slipped my mind that today was my and Mr. Rogue’s anniversary. Seriously having a baby made me a space cadet. I can’t keep anything straight and even something as important as my wedding anniversary got lost in the shuffle of trying to remember when naptime is and attempting to count my sons calories for the day and trying to pack and get out the door on time for the airport. I used to be really good at juggling, and everyone says that my brain will heal from the onslaught of motherhood. But not until my son turns two, and by then I am hoping to be pregnant. That means pregnancy brain. So I am screwed forever, or at least for the next several years.



So even though I forgot today was my anniversary, I guess in some small corner of my mind I did kind of remember, because I did book my return flight today. My Little Cricket and I got to the airport two hours early, I wasn’t missing my flight home. The airport was relatively empty so once I got to the gate, I parked my stroller and I let my Little Cricket loose. Everyone we passed smiled, that boy’s glee at being free was contagious. My only concern, Ebola… and that it was flu season, so I followed my son and put Purell on his hands every three minutes. Better safe than sorry in my book.




Our flight was uneventful. I had brought the infant car seat (which my son is slightly too big for but it worked well enough for the flight) and purchased a seat for my son because it is so much easier for us to travel that way. My Little Cricket slept, and I slept and then I tried to keep him entertained and contained and quiet until we finally got home.






Mr. Rogue picked us up from the airport and we headed down to the promenade for a little jungle gym fun and some food. While we were there I picked up a Fitbit from Brookstone. It was a beautiful, sunny, wonderful day, a perfect LALA land day. It was so nice to be home. And as we strolled the streets, my Little Crickets hand nestled into each of ours I couldn’t have been happier. My soul was filled with love for my Little Family and my spirt is always much lifted after a beautiful trip.





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