Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween is the Best Holiday – No Contest

I love love love love love Halloween. I love deciding what to be, I love creating the costume, I love dressing up, and I love going out and seeing all the other awesome costumes. I almost always make my own costume, last year however I had a six month old who still wasn’t sleeping through the night and I just bought my costume. This year I was determined to get back to creating my own again.

Mr. Rogue has a list of things that he will not do for Halloween. If I obey the rules he will go as whatever I want him too.

1. He will not wear a mask over his face that makes breathing, eating or drinking difficult.
2. He will not wear makeup on his face.
3. He will not allow me to dress him as female.

This leaves me a pretty wide window of things we can go as. I even got him in lederhosen one year! I love the idea of family costumes so I was wracking my brain all week trying to come up with the most perfect costume idea. We could do an Alice and Wonderland theme, or an Up theme, and then we were thinking maybe a Ghostbuster theme… in the end Mr. Rogue picked Star Wars. So today I got Mr. Rogue and my Little Crickets costumes and I started planning mine. I don’t know where we are going, or what we are doing, but we are going to have epically cool costumes damnit!

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