Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Costume: The Making of my Queen Amidala Costume

In the search for our Halloween costumes I was vastly dismayed. I love making my own costume, and I have for years. I am however tired, so buying one would have been optimal, but they were atrocious. So I committed to making the costume myself. The dress at least… that was going to take enough time, I would buy the headpiece. So I set about doing some research. I found a woman who made a dress for a convention that I thought it would be easier to try and mimic than the original so I used her dress as my template. Finally with a plan I made a list of materials I would need to get.


The dress was really just a long robe, I made it a little large so it would be flowy; the base with a large bell at the bottom and belled sleeves. I doubled the fabric so I would only have to cut once and then pinned the edges. I then sewed on the fur cuffs for both the sleeves and the bottom. I left them a little long, because cutting shorter is easier than trying to add length.



One of the hardest part of this dress was the large cowl. It took me some time to get the right shape and then even longer to sew the small bit of fur edging but in the end I was happy how it turned out.


Next I moved onto the orbs at the bottom of the dress. I kept trying to think how to do them so they looked good but I kept getting stumped on the material. I thought large plastic eggs cut in half, but I was worried how to attach them to the dress and making sure they stayed. I thought blowing up balloons and making a paper mache with some paint. But then again I was having a really hard time getting something like that attached to material. In the end I decided to make the orbs flat, and out of felt. Taking a deep breath I started cutting and you know what I love how they turned out. I cut six orbs, each with six layers. Using a glue gun I put the felt pieces together. The most difficult part was to mount the orbs on the dress. Instead of gluing them on, I was worried about them peeling off during the night, I decided to sew them. In hindsight it would have been much easier to have sewn these orbs on before I added the abundant fur at the bottom of the dress.




The last step was to create the textured chest plate. I knew trying to paint it wasn’t going to work, so I got pre-printed design on a similarly colored background and simply edged that with the same fur from the dress. The whole thing turned out really well for such a minimal amount of work.



Next year I just might tackle the headdress.


And the final costume... it came out great.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Very cool costume. I'm so proud of how ingenious you are, especially at Halloween.

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