Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clomid Round 4: This Round Kicking my Ass

Last month I took Clomid, a little pill that forces my body to ovulate, but despite checking every day I didn’t catch my ovulation. That either means I messed up, or that damn little pill just didn’t work last month. Regardless here I am, two days into my fourth round of Clomid, and I am getting desperate. When I took Clomid two years ago I got pregnant on the first round with my Little Cricket. Most healthy couples get pregnant with Clomid in six months. So I know I should at least give myself until then before I start flipping out. But these little pills, they aren’t fun. The first time I took it two years ago it kicked me on my butt. I had horrible side effect symptoms, manageable but not pleasant. The past three months taking Clomid I did ok. The side effects weren’t as bad as I remembered. I thought that perhaps my body was getting used to the hormones I was pumping into it. But NO… for some reason this round I feel just awful. Think of a horrible hangover and that is generally how I feel; dry mouth that no amount of water can cure, body aches, dizziness and massive nausea. And I get to do this all while taking care of a toddler.

This is not fun.

I am so sick of peeing on sticks, peeing on ovulation sticks, peeing on failed pregnancy tests and counting days in between to take all these tests.

I hope to God I get pregnant this round.


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