Saturday, September 27, 2014

BBBS 71: If I Stay

I went through a rough patch for a little while where I was barely treading water. I just didn't have anything to give my little so I didn't see her often. Today I had some free time, and I am trying to be better. So rather than spend it on myself, which I oh so desperately need right now I took the hour drive out to Ms. Little’s house.

Lately she wants to go to the movies all the time. Which I am totally cool with. I remember being 16 and loving the novelty of going to the movies. We went to PF Chang's for lunch beforehand and then headed to the cinema to see ‘If I Stay’. I had just finished the book a month ago so I was super excited to see the movie. It wasn't mind shattering but it was good and we all had fun being the ONLY ones in the theater.





I have been talking to the girls a lot about college lately. Encouraging them with school and listening to their ideas of what they may want to go to college for. I plan on taking them to a few colleges in the next year or two so they can get excited about the next chapter of their lives. Ms. Shortie (my little's twin, who I have kind of taken on as my little as well) is convinced that she wants to be a doctor and she has been consistent with that choice for the past 6 months. Which is super awesome. She is really smart, always on point with facts and dates, a really sharp kid and I totally think that she could do it.

Ms. Little is thinking about being a teacher, but she isn't 100% that is what she wants to do. She has time, three years to be exact. I really hope that BOTH girls go to college and finish a degree. Their mother never finished high school and her goal is to simply get her girls through high school and for them not to get pregnant. I want them to know they can reach for the stars.


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