Monday, October 6, 2014

Anti-Cruise Directing

I am the one that makes the plans. I book our vacations, I make our reservations, I decide what we are doing for the weekend. Different couples take on different roles and for the most part I am great with being the one who gets to decide whats going on. In fact Mr. Rogue and I like this arrangement so much he started calling me his cruise director a few years ago. Yup that’s me!

However sometimes I wake up and decide that I don’t want to decide. And then I throw Mr. Rogue under the bus and tell him to figure out something fun to do today. He did a little research and decided he wanted to head to the Science Center to go and see the Endeavor. Neither of us had been to the Science Center and we are both techy geeky kind of people, so it was perfect.




When we got there we realized that there was a Pompeii exhibit so of course when we got our tickets to see the Endeavor we added that on as well. Double bonus! Because the Pompeii exhibit had a timed start we opted to do that first. That way we wouldn't be rushed later. Pompeii was great, with the timed entry the rooms never felt super crowded and I felt like there was a ton of really great art and stories. The last room with the casts of some of the actual victims was really hard to see. Thinking about these people who were caught in this disaster was so sad.





This place is gigantic and confusing. After the Pompeii exhibit we didn't have much time, only two hours until close, so we decided to head straight for the Endeavor exhibit. After getting lost once or twice we finally made it to the hanger. It was awesome to see that ship. To imagine it in space. To gasp at the amazing fun facts they had blazed across the walls. My Little Cricket just kept pointing at the ship and squealing. Super adorable.







With only a half hour until closing we opted to visit one of the children's play rooms and let my Little Cricket stretch his little legs. That place was so cool. We were way to busy playing with all the fun stuff to get any photos. We had such a great time. Next time I will get some more photos.


We will definitely be coming back again soon. This place is ginormous and since the museum (without the special features) is free its going to be one of our new weekend haunts. I love living in LALA land!



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