Monday, October 20, 2014

A Little Cruise Through Memory Lane

While I was visiting in Pittsburgh Ms. Pool Shark indulged me to a little trip to visit all the houses/apartments that I lived in the 10 years I stayed in Pittsburgh. I didn’t have a camera back then, and no one had a cell phone that took photos. Although I did take a photography class in school and I did love it I wasn’t one to take photos of life. I was too busy living it and trying to get ahead. With a full time job and a full time college schedule and a full time social whirl I was dizzy with the amount of things that needed to be done in a day. Thankfully the houses still are there, and thankfully many of my friends snapped a few photos that I commandeered. Tripping down 17 years of memories. Driving those old streets, seeing my old places, I couldn’t help but flashback to a harder time, a crazier time, a chaotic time where everything was poor and messy and I was forging new paths and taking on new responsibilities and finding new loves.

I was a busy mess but GOD did I have a great time. Wouldn’t change it for the world.





Yummm yeah and about the last house. Ms. Pool Shark, Mrs. Dancer and I all lived in this house, well one of these houses. None of us can remember which one it is which I find just crazy. I know I have an old address book somewhere in my memory bin, but that is stored in the attic



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