Monday, September 22, 2014

Time to See The Water Dancers

Sadly it was Monday. Mr. Rogue had to leave for work this morning while we decided what we wanted to do. Today we opted to go and see the Long Beach Aquarium. My Little Cricket LOVES this place, probably more than any other attraction I have taken him to in LALA land (other than the beach). Fish are colorful, they move fast and most of the tanks in this aquarium are staged in such a way to give pretty great views of the fish.



The exhibit we spend the most time with is the giant seals and sea lions. The glass is huge and the kiddos can sit or kneel right agaist it as the seals whip by. It is so wonderful to see the joy light up my sons face. He just loves those water dancers.



Every time I come to the aquarium, which is often, I see something new or something out that was previously only seen hidden. These little gems are what keep this place interesting for me again and again and again. I mean look at that frog, he is so super neat, and that spiny looking pink and purple crab, and that starfish is SO COOL with its tiny little suction cups right on the glass and the way the light hits it just so while the bubbles whip past in the background. It makes me believe in the magical, and it sets my creative heart on fire.




But nothing today beat the octopus for coolness. She was out today in all her hot pink magnificent glory. She stayed out for a good 15 mintues, and I stayed with my Little Cricket glued to the glass until she went back into her corner. I took SO MANY photos. And then I couldn’t decide which to post.





We had a great time at the touch pool too. Although I really don’t like touching those slimy sting rays. I even got my Little Cricket up there to attempt to touch something. Mostly he just played with the water. And then it was time for us to get home. The kids can only take so much after all. They both did really great today.




Tonight was an easy bedtime, the kids could barely keep their eyes open to get through dinner.


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