Friday, September 12, 2014

The Week in Moments: 68 Weeks Old

Well we are all sad that our little vacation is coming to and end. I wish this could be our life all the time, traveling and going out all three of us together. We have had such a great time this week, and I know your dad especially treasures all this time to hang out with you.


This week you learned how to shake your head back and forth and wave your hand in front of your face when you don’t want something, particularly your milk or food I am offering you. I love that you are giving me the correct signs and are starting to get more independent.


Traveling and feeding you healthy food has been a challenge. It is so hard to find healthy options. Thank goodness for the cooler, which we have kept packed with fresh fruit and vegetables for you. Most times we were able to eat at restaurants with high chairs but there were a few times where we ordered room service or when we were traveling and we just had to feed you on the go no matter where you were. You have done great with being super adaptable. I ordered you grilled cheese at one restaurant and you gobbled that down.




But hands down the best tool this trip was the new Easy Pouch I saw another mom in our mom group use, and that I purchased right before our vacation. It was just a simple green cover for the squeezable pouches, so you couldn't squeeze it all over you. It was brilliant, I could hand you one of those to tide you over if we were in the stroller and out or if we were driving or if you just needed a quick snack.



As well as adding shaking your head to your growing gestures you also learned a new word. You learned ‘more’. And now you are saying it all the time weather you want more or not I am not always sure, but it really is adorable to hear little words come out of your mouth.


The good thing about going on vacation is that there were always lots of new things you could learn about and discover. Particularly in our town house where we stayed the last week you found so much to get into. Nothing however got you as excited as the boom box. You played with that thing every single day for at least an hour!






Nap time has been difficult on the trip. I tried to get you a set nap time every other day, because every single day would have been impossible unless we totally cut way back on what we wanted to do. It didn't always work out well but it did most of the time. I am so happy that you can usually sleep on the go, either in the stroller or in your car seat. On the days we were out you often didn't get your full two hour nap but you usually snuck in at least a half hour catnap that seemed to keep you pretty happy for the rest of the day.


We tried to keep you covered in shade, and covered with sun screen whenever you were outside and I was so happy that you didn’t burn even a tiny bit despite the fact that the sun was completely brutal. I may have reapplied the sunscreen too many times during the day but it was better to be cautious in my mind. Despite our efforts you did however end up with a pretty awesome farmers tan. Its so funny to see your little pale butt and your dark arms and legs. I will spare you the photo though.



I handed you my little camera more than a few times this trip. It wasn't fair that you were asked to sit so much and I felt bad. Plus some days you were done with your toys and the camera bought me a few extra minutes to get whatever I was trying to get done complete. So completely by accident you ended up taking a ton of photos. I actually really liked looking at some of the photos, life from your perspective. Very cool my Little Cricket!





Lastly it had been six weeks since I have done a formal photoshoot. GASP!!!!!!!!!! I had been taking photos with the nice camera in a staged photo shoot every week. But then we just got busy, and crazy and we were traveling, and I must have lost my mind to let it go that long. So I am glad that this week I made it home and immediately did a photoshoot. Despite being exhausted from traveling, and a few days late on getting the photos taken. Mind over matter.







And while we were taking your photos, as an added bonus, I also got your magicians hand. You do it when you want something. You turn up your palm, extend your arm and wave your fingers in demand toward the object you want. Like VIOLA now you, place it in my hand. Its totally adorable and I am so happy to catch so many of these moments forever.



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