Friday, September 5, 2014

The Week in Moments: 67 Weeks Old

This is our second week of our trip in Florida and you have been doing so super awesome. Sure there have been nights you woke up scared and I brought you into bed with me, something we never do at home, but that is totally understandable. And it also gives me the added bonus of cuddling, your sweet little hand curved around my hand.

We got to spend some time with Aunt Ivey this week. She ever so nicely let me rearrange her whole living room area so you could roam free. Thankfully her house was really easy to baby proof and you have a huge space to roam in and play. You loved her hallway, even if you were frustrated that you couldn’t quite reach those door handles. And you loved all the new furniture you got to climb, in particular the bouncy chair.





Daddy finally joined us for leg 3 of our trip and you squealed in delight when he walked through the door. After 10 days of missing you daddy was so super happy to be with his little buddy again. And as an added bonus you got to show him that you are officially walking now. We are both so in awe of how much joy you bring to our lives.


Your dad couldn’t be happier with your current obsession with lights. Daddy is a crazy light guy too and its so fabulous that you both share that. Every single light we see you want to turn it off, and on, and off again and again and again. Since you liked grandpa’s flashlight so much and had such a great time playing with it, when I saw a light at the store made just for you I had to get it. You LOVE LOVE LOVE your new little flashlight. It has five different colored lights with music and singing. WHY does everything have to have music and singing… its driving me crazy. But then I see how happy you are and I suck it up. Your joy is infectious.



I am so happy that I rented a high chair and crib for you at both my parents and Aunt Ivey’s house. You used the high chair so much, and the crib allowed you to get comfy and sleep mostly in it. I loved how it made it so much easier to have some normalcy. Or as much normalcy as you can have with a baby in a completely different environment.


You are getting so much taller and now you are just tall enough to reach the top of counters and tables. Now all of a sudden nothing seems safe. I have to constantly make sure things are high up and at least a few inches away from the edge.


We stayed at a few hotels this week. We have been trying to book suites, so that we can put you down to bed at 7:30 and we can stay up. But a few areas just didn’t have anything available. So we were stuck in a room all together. Which resulted in your daddy and I hiding under the covers with our phones until you fell asleep and then us being super quite on our phones until we went to bed.


All in all you have been amazing. Most restaurants you chill on daddys lap while we order and then once our food comes we all sit down and eat together.



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