Friday, August 29, 2014

The Week in Moments: 66 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

This week you have learned what it TRULY means to be too hot. I would say that you learned this this week, but you also learned it last year at this exact same time. We visited Florida twice in the middle of summer. This is because it takes a while for your mother to learn her lesson. So we will NOT be returning to Florida in June, July or August EVER again.

On the plus side we have all been having the most amazing time this week. Grandma and Papa have been smothering you with love and attention and it is such a joy to see you playing together. You have gone around the RV finding wonderful new toys. You are pointing at everything, you want to hold everything, you want to touch everything, you want to turn everything on and off and then on again and my parents have been wonderfully accomedating to keeping you happy. In particular you loved grandpa’s thermometer, the big flashlight grandma pulled out for you and of course the remotes.







Grandma and grandpa babyproofed as much as they can and I really think that makes all the difference in the world to ME having a relaxing and fun time while visiting. As an extra bonus of hanging out often in an RV this week you started really walking. I think because everything is so close together, you could take a few steps from one side of the room to the other. And we got your first steps on video to show daddy later.

We have been going, going, going all week. I have been trying to keep you on your nap schedule every other day. But the days when we were out and about all day I kind of just let you crash in the stroller or in your car seat when you wanted. I was a little worried you would be crabby, but you truly are always a joy. Always up for fun. And always with a smile on your face.





There were so many firsts this week. You became obsessed with a singing card I sent grandma for her birthday. And you danced for the first time shaking your little butt to the music. It as totally adorable and we were all cracking up. You played that card so many times that the battery wore out.

You learned a new word this week. You learned to say hello, particularly in answering your fake phone I got you as a new gift for the plane. My parents fake talked to you over and over giggling with glee when you answered back. You caught on so fast I am not sure if its because you are so super smart or because I am always on the phone. Anyways phones have become a giant obsession. Its partially my fault. You have always loved phones but in desperation this week to make my life a little easier, and to keep you content past what I felt was kind asking, I have handed you my phone and my mini camera. Up until now I have really tried to keep you away from screens, but once I did it one time the landslide is now flowing. It is going to be hard to go back, I am giving myself to the end of this trip. Vacations are hard enough, with you off schedule, so this is the time for bending rules I think right?







Another new word you learned to say this week is bye bye, accompanied by a wave. Last week we got the bye and the wave, but never together. This week you finally put the two together and now you say bye bye when we are coming, going or just randomly.



I have been trying to teach you to give kisses but you do these weird open mouthed try to grab my nose kind of awkward gestures. It is the funnest thing ever and always leaves me cracking up. I think that is the best part of being a mom. The joy I get every single day from you just being you. I find myself laughing more and living in the moment more.



All in all we have done pretty well so far this trip. You are having some issues with sleeping, but with such a different sleeping arrangement, where it is so light outside when you go to bed I can imagine how hard it is. You are eating new things, exploring new toys, I am making new toys out of things just lying around, and we are both doing awesome at making do.

I love you my Little Cricket, travel buddy extraordinaire.




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