Friday, August 22, 2014

The Week in Moments: 66 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

This week you took four uninterrupted steps today. You were hanging on my legs and you just let go and walked to the refridgerator. You have taken a step here or there but nothing like these four steps. I predict in the next week or two you will be cruising all over the house.


Up until this week the only words that I have been able to identify in your constant baby chatter is mama, dada and uh-oh. But this week you are putting more and more things together. You can now say baby, hi, and bye. Which is adorable because sometimes you mix up the hi and bye. You bring a smile to everyone you meet.





You are OBSESSED with anything electronic. I have kept you away from screens. Which has been very hard. Other than the occasional glimpse while we are out there has been no tv, no ipad or no iphone. And yet you gravitate to these things with a vengeance. It is getting to the point where no one can bring out a phone in your presence or you start whining to have it.


We leave tomorrow on our trip, and I have been packing slowly for a week, getting everything ready on the spare bed. Thank God for a spare bedroom because this takes planning and space. I never know what to leave behind, and I like to be prepared, and color coordinated, so packing… especially for two is hard. Most of the time I pack in little spurts, when you nap or before I fall into bed exhausted, and sometimes I try to squeeze a little in while you are awake. Unfortunately you are kinda an anti-helper. At least you make me laugh.



And since we are taking a trip tomorrow I scheduled to get my hair done. Originally I was going to get Mrs. Dancer to watch you but then I decided to bring you with me for one specific purpose. Up until now I have been slightly trimming just the edges of your hair to keep it somewhat neat, however my inexperienced cutting isnt looking all that stellar, and well to be honest you are developing a comb over. So after I got my hair cut we put on a video on the iPad (I know I know I just said no electronics and seriously I don’t use them… except for an emergency like this) and my hairdresser gave you your first little official haircut. With the iPad in front of you you were totally transfixed and didn’t even blink an eye at getting your hair cut. And now your hair looks to much better.




Your favorite place in the house continues to be on the couch with a pile of books, preferable with someone curled up with you. You love it when we read to you and we read often. Most of the time you just carry a book to me from one of he many piles we have lying around and hand it to me to read to you. You are not one to let me read through the whole book. You like to be in charge of turning the pages and you like to turn them sometimes way too fast. So sometimes I just have to wing it. We talk about the pictures, we explore the flap books and sometimes I just totally make up my own story to the book.



You learned to blow your whistle this week. I have two animal whistles that I have been showing you how to use for a month. I thought we had it last week when you finally started being able to blow on your food if it was hot. This week you finally got a sound to come out of that flute and the smile that spread across your face in that moment was PURE JOY. These are the moments that make parenting the supreme joy.


Its funny when you develop little quirks. For instance you have a new storage space for your sippy cup. Instead of on the table or on your high chair tray you prefer it next to you, on the seat. Yeah… its weird. Both Mr. Rogue and I have never put your cup there but that is where you are continuing to insist it stay. Whatever kid, I have learned to pick my battles.



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