Friday, September 19, 2014

The Week in Moments: 16 Months Old (69 Weeks)

My Little Cricket,

You are now 16 months, 69 weeks, 830 days old and a whole lot of sleepless nights old. My life has changed so much and almost every single part is for the better. You are such a light in our lives and we love you so much. Often we just goof around, you and me. I sometimes kid that you are my Little Shadow because you are always with me. A little buddy to keep me company. And just like that I had a free ticket into the express lane all the time and a reason to give up my imaginary friends. You Rock!


This week we hit another big milestone. I put you in your nursery for some free play as I do every now and again. Your room is completely baby proofed and I have a camera in there. When I have something I need to do I can often leave you in there for up to 15 minutes with some toys or books. I don’t do it often, but today I needed to take a shower. So I put you in your room as always. I grabbed the baby monitor and I turned on the shower. Just as I was stepping into the shower you stroll into the bathroom. All I can say is thank god I am a detail oriented person. Even though you have never opened a door before I still had the baby gate at the top of the stairs closed. Since I still needed to shower, and since my normal mode of keeping you entertained was no longer available I put you in the super deep tub we have in my bathroom and gave you a few things to play with while I took a shower. I know you cant get out of the tub yet. I really need to buy baby proof door stopers today.


You are a great eater, you love fruits, veggies, cheese, beans and carbs. However you still wont eat meat. Since you wont eat meat and since you are on the long and lean side I did a little research, talked to Mrs. Dancer and decided to start making you shakes once a day. I like to think of this power drink as added insurance that you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need to grow right.


I already have the Vitamix but I needed some supplies. I found a few full fat yogurts at my regular grocery store but after further research I didn't like the additives in the ingredient list of all of them. So I branched out. I finally found a full fat plain Greek yogurt I love at Whole Foods called Fage. Its super great, rich and creamy. 1 cup which is the serving size I am putting in your drink equals 17% fat for the day for an adult. YAY FAT. I usually add a banana, nuts or an avocado for creaminess, some dates or agave syrup for sweetness, some form of green roughage like kale, and lastly a yummy fruit like berries or cherries.


The hardest part about starting all this was finding the right cup. The Zoli cups we use were a no go since the straw allows way too small a stream to take in a smoothie. So I headed to Target and stared at the cup isle for 17 billion hours. Seriously there were so many kinds of cups I was totally overwhelmed. So I just randomly got two older kid cups I thought might work and raced home to try them out. The first was a little minion cup, the cup and straw worked perfectly but my Little Cricket kept pulling out the straw. Although the shake was sucked down in record time the messy child and floor got my vote that this cup was a NO GO. The second cup I tried was a twirly straw cup. The twirly straw prevented my Little Cricket from pulling out the straw… however it was unfortunately impossible to clean. After trying to clean it by hand for 20 minutes, who has time for that, I threw it in the dishwasher. It did after all say that it was microwave and dishwasher safe… they lied, it melted. Cup number two bites the dust.



Armed with the knowledge that I had to find a cup with a large straw, that my Little Cricket couldn't pull the straw out, and that looked easy to clean I headed back to the store. Feeling pretty confident that I had found ‘the one’ I bought two of the exact same sippy, a thermos type cup with a detachable straw for easy cleaning, and headed home to test it out. It was JUST RIGHT. I feel like Goldy Locks with these cups.


You walk with one of your hand bent upwards. I have a bad arm with tennis elbow from carrying you, so when we were walking on our vacation I often held your left hand. And since we were on vacation and in MANY situations where we needed to hold your hand I think we somehow conditioned you to walk with your hand up. It’s the cutest little quirk.

It is official, daddy and I think that your birthday balloon is officially possessed. I got the balloon the day before your birthday… in MAY! That balloon although slightly worse for wear after being beat up and dragged around the house so much, is still kicking.


You are such a little mimic. You love to put on our shoes, you like to help me clean the floor. If I am getting dressed you try to put on your socks. If I am cooking you want to wear the oven mitts too. It is super adorable. Sometimes though it makes it very hard to get things done. Mr. Rogue has and excellent solution he just straps you in the baby bijorn. You both get to get stuff done and you are happy as a clam riding in there for a few hours. This weekend Mr. Rogue washed his car with you strapped to his chest. Everyone single person that walked by stopped to comment on what a big helper you were.



I look at this photo and it makes me wonder when did you get so LONG.


I keep thinking that I LOVE the stage you are in. But then I loved every stage. I loved when you were a tiny helpless nuzzly baby who was never happier than being cuddled on a warm chest. And I loved the little crawling phase of new discoveries and trying to work out your hand eye coordination and learning to eat. But I also am loving this new little boy you are turning into in the blink of an eye.



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