Sunday, September 21, 2014

Natural History Museum and the Spider Pavillion

Mrs. Bitch and I like to stay busy, and we both love to have fun, so despite the fact that she was pregnant and that we both had children we were going out and having a great time every second of this trip. Today we opted for the Natural History Museum. I got an invitation to see the new Spider Pavilion. I guess once the butterfly season is over they have been showcasing spiders. I love photographing spiders so we thought we would check it out. When we arrived we opted to see the Spider Pavilion first. You can only enter in a timed slot with a group and we didn’t want to have to keep watching our clocks all day.




Mrs. Bitch was less than thrilled I think about walking into a den of spiders. She particularly made a face when the guide was explaining that you had to look where you walk and be careful not to walk directly into a spider or a web. I guess I was expecting more spiders than the ones I saw. I would have also liked to have seen ones from all over the world. This year most of the spiders came from Florida. And since I have been traveling to Florida many times in the past few years I have seen most of these in the wild. It was still fun however. The boys and the babies seemed to really love it.







After the creepy crawly spiders we headed into the History Museum. It is an impressive space and I love all the wonderful fabulous things you can explore and learn here. Of course the dinosaurs captured Baby B’s attention the most. He loved all the old bones.






My favorite is always the taxidermy animal cases. They are so beautiful.



By far the coolest find today was the Geology room. There was a giant exhibit of every single rock type on the entire planet. Which was cool enough in itself. Every case looked like a beautiful work of art. Mr. Rogue is a big nerd and loved this room as much as I did. But the most awesome part was that the museum was showcasing one of the rarest gems in the world. The famous 12 carat ‘Blue Moon Diamond’ was on exhibit, heavily guarded of course in the vault.


The Geology room wasn’t the only new area of the museum that we ventured too. In our explorations we also ran into a high ceilinged room full of stuffed animals and interactive exhibits. We got to feel fur and touch bone. And then there were more bugs on display. The Madagascar hissing cockroach and the Giant Sonoran Centipede were two of my favorites… ewwwww.


It was a long day and we were all ready for a little R&R. We headed home carrying kids and with smiles all around. What a great day. I love LALA land.


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