Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LALA Land, Checking out the Stars

No no no, Mrs. Bitch has already been to LALA land and I already took her to see the star boardwalk in Hollywood. Today they were taking off for their second leg of their trip, so I took them up the mountain to see the new observatory and to get their last look of LALA land with a killer view.


Every time I come up here I never plan enough time. There is so much to do and see at the Observatory and we only ever manage to see 10% of the museum. Of course we fit in a show at the planetarium. And we got the great photos at the view of the Los Angeles basin. And again a photo in front of the Hollywood sign. But I really need to make it a point next time I come up here to leave a good two hours to check out the museum.






After the observatory we had an hour to grab something to eat. I opted to take them to the Mexican place Mr. Rogue and I love just around the corner from my house. Sadly Baby B fell asleep on the way. Rather than wake him up, he very obviously could use a nap before another long plane ride, Mrs. B and her husband opted to take turns in the car with their son. It made for awkward eating, ordering and chit chatting but we managed. And then just as we were finished eating Baby B woke up and was hungry. We made it work and got them to the airport on time. Goodbye to my fabulously awesome friend.


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