Sunday, September 14, 2014

It Could Always be Worse

Vacation is super fun, uplifting, rejuvenating however it is also bone wearying. Our flight left super early. Normally I would never have booked a flight this early but this was the only direct flight to LALA land. So I had the choice, wake up abominably early or travel for an additional 4 hours. I picked the former, which I thought was a good idea at the time, but this morning I was a big grouch.

Mr. Rogue and I had packed the car with as much as we could the night before but there was still a mountain of things to do including waking and dealing with a crabby baby. He didn't like the early wake-up either. As an added nuisance the Miami car rental place isn't in the airport. Mr. Rogue and I decided that he would drop me off with the bags and we would wait for him to go drop off the car and take the shuttle back to the airport. He arrived faster than I thought he would.


The only benefit of taking such an early flight is that my Little Cricket was TIRED. In fact as soon as the airplane took off he fell asleep and remained asleep for half the flight. HURRAH!!!!!! Since I took care of my Little Cricket at the airport and until he fell asleep when he finally did wake up it was Mr. Rogue’s turn. The boys had fun playing while I got to get a little nap in.




We landed in LALA land at 10:30 am. Getting my Little Cricket on a changed schedule was going to be hard. He has been on one nap for a while now but I decided that if I tried to do two naps today we might just be able to skip this whole jet lag thing… maybe.

While he was sleeping I went to do the most important thing we do as soon as I get home from vacation. I downloaded all of my trip photos. I am always super paranoid about losing my photos. So I am downloading my photos and trying to organize them when I realize something horribly wrong. My nice camera, the DSL we have, took all JPEG format photos instead of RAW. Both Mr. Rogue were dismayed. Neither of us had changed the setting. And neither of us would have changed it. We always shoot in RAW. And then I remembered that I took this body to get cleaned right before our trip. The cleaner must have switched the camera to JPEG in order to test to be sure he removed all the dust from the mirror. CURSES CLEANY GUY!

JPEGS wernt the end of the world. It could always be worse, they could have been deleted.

And then the second blow came. My Little Camera, the one I took a lot of lifestyle photos with and the majority of the candids somehow got switched mid-trip to take photos at a super low quality. In fact it was the lowest quality it could be set at. And then I realized that I had handed my camera to my son multiple times during the trip. I did check the settings of the photos when I got the camera back from him, and I was viewing the photos through the camera so I would have realized something was wrong with the photo. What I didn’t think was that he would go into the settings and change the image size. CURSES MY LITTLE CRICKET!

But then crappy image quality wasn’t the end of the world. It could always be worse, they could have been deleted. *pout

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