Saturday, September 20, 2014

Here Comes the Bitch

All week I have been slowly getting ready for today, the day that Mrs. Bitch arrives in town with her fantastic husband and their adorable little son. I really should start to think about changing her nickname on this blog… its just a thing we used to call each other because we were SO REBELLIOUS in junior high and it kinda just stuck. I think we might be getting a little old for this nickname. I didn’t leave much to do, I am not really a last minute kind of girl. There was just a little cleaning that needed to be done out back, aka de-spidering the table and chairs and toys. And then a little dessert for dinner. Yummmm Strawberry Pie!



And then finally they were here. My Little Cricket just loved being around an older boy and Baby B was great with my son. You know what I also loved, spending a good five days with a psychologist mother. Since Baby B is two years older I learned so much from her about trying to stop tantrums and so much more just by watching her parent. It was so fabulous to be with someone that was so on point with what I thought was good parenting.




Since they flew into town today, since Mrs. B is pregnant and since all the kids really wanted to do was play with the toys we just hung around the house. We BBQed. We ate yummy food and my strawberry pie and then we let the kids open their gifts.


It was weird this visit. In other visits we didn’t have kids. So things were a little different. We didn’t drink (Mrs. Bitch was pregnant and I am trying to get pregnant) and instead of staying up late we all went to bed early. After all 7 am comes around too quickly

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