Sunday, August 31, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 9 - Sarasota: The Ringling

It was another blindingly hot day in Florida, but it was our first full day together and time was a wasting. My mom had mentioned that the Ringling Museum was really cool. Since most of the things to see were inside (where there was air conditioning), and it was close with minimal driving we decided to do that today.


We headed to the big tent exhibit first. The mural at the entrance was super duper cool and super duper huge. Look Ms. Ivey is almost dwarfed by just a portion of it.



Although there are tons of bad things about the circus I still love parts of it. The history and the displays that they had were pretty cool. My Little Cricket was even entertained for the most part by the awesomeness.




We did have to walk between buildings and it was HOT HOT HOTTER THAN HOT. All of Florida looks the same, lots of green and lots of vegetation. Its no wonder anyone was able to build anything out here.



After the big tent we wandered over to the mansion where we got our free tour. Although totally not my taste, and way over the top with everything the building was still beautiful.





Our last stop was the museum of fine art. And dang by this time my Little Cricket was DONE with the stroller. I basically ran through the entire museum hunched over chasing my child. I did manage to grab a few peeks at a couple of the paintings but I didn’t have any time to read or process anything. It looked really cool, so I was pretty sad, but I am sure to visit again, and I will be sure next time to visit the fine arts muesem first.




Too soon it was time to take my Little Cricket back to the house where he could run and play. Traveling with an baby is no joke, thank goodness Ms. Ivey was so flexible, we have fun no matter what we do… even if we have to cut our museum stay short, or even if we get stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere.


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