Saturday, August 30, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 8 - Sarasota: The Handoff

Well it is now day 8 of this trip, and pretty much I have nothing planned for the rest of the vacation. Origionally I started out just going to visit my parents in Orlando. But then one of my besties moved to Sarasota, not too far away, so I tacked on a few days to see her. And then Mr. Rogue and I wanted to do something fun together, and I was already going to be in florida so I tacked on our trip to the end of this one.

But I did all that last minute, so of course I didn’t have much time to plan. And so this trip is essentially without a plan. Daunting to someone who lives by a plan. Thankfully my parents have been in Flordia a long time, and they know it well. So I gave my mom Mr. Rogue and my general idea of a trip and she filled a piece of paper front and back of cool things to go do and see. My mom really should go into travel planning, she literally saved the day!


So I woke up today, did some laundry, got some of my Little Cricket essential foods in a mini cooler and my dad and I packed the car. We were finally all ready to hit the road for phase 2 of our trip. My parents drove me to meet Ms. Ivey at an Olive Garden midway between the two of them.




We stopped at Target on the way to Ms. Ivey’s new house. She had just moved in last week. I seem to have this awesome ability to visit her the week she moves in. I don’t give her a few minutes to do things like unpack, or organize, instead I just pop in when the utilities are barely on. So we needed to get some groceries, I needed a few things for My Little Cricket and we wanted to pick up some baby gates for her place. And of course when we were ready to leave a terential downpour of rain started. So Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I do really miss the weather, but I do not miss LIVING in the weather. I want to sit by a fire with an awesome glass of wine and a nice blankie and watch the snowflakes fall. Or I want to fall asleep to the gentle pitter patter of the rain. In no way shape or form do I want to try to get a baby in his car seat and a whole cart of goodies into the trunk all while getting wet.

Thankfully Ms. Ivey ran and got the car, but even with her sacrifice we all ended up getting really wet in the process.


The rain may have slowed us down but it didn’t stop us from making one more stop on our way home. We were all a little more than tired of being in the car however divine intervention put the most glorious cupcake shop in the entire universe right around the corner from Ms. Ivey’s new house. SERIUOSLY people they are that good. She let me run in and make the choices of the flavors we would try, while she waited in the car with the baby, and I just got so excited by all the delicious yumminess I almost got them all. Restraint, I showed a little! In a panic I tried calling Ms. Ivey, but she wasn’t answering her phone, which resulted in me trying to pantomime the flavors to her, so I could ask her opinion… which resulted in her getting confused and finally calling me on her phone. Success people. I walked out of there with way too many cupcakes for two people.


We finally got to Ms. Ivey’s house and immediately started to baby proof. I got to meet Ms. Ivey’s new naked baby he was such a little love bug and my Little Cricket LOVED him! Of course the first thing my son went for is Ms. Iveys wall of books. I love having a friend so awesome that she will let me rearrange her house. We moved the bottom two rows of books up out of the way. My Little Cricket loved his new gym.




Once I got the baby to bed we busted out dinner, wine and the cupcakes. Ms. Ivey made me a Harvarti grilled cheese sandwhich, which was the BOMB. We microwaved some panara bread soup we brought home and Ms. Ivey got to try one of my favorite wines; Decoy. The sandwhich was divine, the wine heavenly, but those cupcakes were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Even better than the cupcakes was to be curled up on the other side of the couch from my bestie rather than on the other end of the phone.



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