Thursday, August 28, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 6 - Orlando: A Granny Filled, Doilly Infested, Antique Clutter, Time Warp

Today my mother and I tag teamed my dad, we managed to convince him… eventually… that we needed to drive an hour to go to this cake place. You see my parents had been there before. My mother gushed that it was the best cake in the entire world, and considering my mom is an excellent baker I knew this had to be some damn fine cake. Sure it may be a little crazy to drive an hour each way for just plain ole cake, but since this was the universes best cake ever I considered it a small price to pay. The trick was to convince my dad too.

Don’t worry my mother and I managed. It wasn’t like he wasn’t going to get cake too, I think that is what sealed the deal, both of us begging AND the universes best cake is an awfully powerful motivator.

I was super excited when we pulled up. We had our reservation, because apparently other people want to eat the cake too, and no one has time to wait when wanting cake. So with our reservations we were immediately shown to our table. Walking into the café was like stepping into a granny filled, doily infested, antique clutter time warp. It was beautiful in a crazy chaotic cluttered kind of way. Once I got my Little Cricket settled into his antique high chair my mother and I headed to the cake table.







Although we were a little sad that the cafes best cake wasn’t available today (It’s the Hummingbird Cake, but don’t you worry I got the recipe and I am going to post it quazi soon, after all I have to make it a few times to perfect it first) there were so many other decedent options that I was having a hard time deciding. Each mile high stack of confection looked better than the last; coconut, carrot, Rhette Butler, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Jam and Southern Surrender. I was having a hard time deciding. All of us were leaning to the waitresses favorite of the selections today, the Southern Surrender. Origioanly I thought to order three different kinds so we could split them and have a little taste of a few, but my dad let me know real quick that he wasn’t sharing his Southern Surrender. Mom wasn’t too keen on sharing her Southern Surrender too, and since that cake looked so deliciously chocolatey decedent I wasn’t going to let them have it without me.


It was worth it. That Southern Surrender was by far the best chocolate cake I have ever had. My Little Cricket even got a few little tiny tastes after he finished his meal. His first taste of chocolate cake and it’s the best taste ever. He may be officially spoiled for life.


I had brought plenty of snacks for my Little Cricket but as we were all eating our cake I felt like he should join in the fun too. I made the newbie mom mistake of thinking I could just give him one bite midway through his meal and all would be well… yeah right. He was NOT HAPPY, like why feed him all this regular food when there is decedant cake. I know buddy, I know.


The only negative was that it was so big and so sweet that I couldn’t finish the last two bites. Mom and dad tried to cheer me to the finally of licking my plate clean but I just could NOT do it. Mom and Dad managed to finish theirs though. Sitting at the table finishing our drinks we were all feeling a little MORE than full. It came up as we were wondering just how many calories each ginormous slice had. We all immediately agreed that this café, what we just did, how many calories we just consumed, was JUST LIKE VEGAS. What calories are consumed at Miz Kathi’s Coutillion Sweetery, stays at the sweetery.


Just as we were about to leave the rain started to pour. Daddy went and got the truck and a wonderful woman walked us to the car with her umbrella so the baby (and me) wouldn’t get wet. Ahhhh the Southern Charm. An hour later we arrived at the campsite. My parents took my Little Cricket and sent me off to a sugar coma, belly aching nap. I fell asleep to the pitter patter of rain without having to worry about a baby. Cake AND a nap, my parents are the best!


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