Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 5 - Orlando: Sea World

We decided that despite the ridiculous heat we were going to visit Sea World today. We figured if it got too hot we would find somewhere inside to sit. I haven’t been in forever, once when I was a little kid, and I was super excited to get to go today. However no matter how excited I was no one was more excited though than my mom.




Since we got to Sea World right when it opened, and because we weren’t sure how busy it would get later in the day, the first thing we did when we walked in was head to the new Empire of the Penguin ride and exhibit. This was my Little Crickets very first ride. They had projected movies on the walls, lots of color and music, all while riding a very smooth slow spinning cart. At the end it opened into the actual exhibit and my Little Cricket was ESTATIC, he was so excited.






The best part was that the entire ride AND the penguin exhibit right after the ride were FREEZING. It felt wonderfully delishious after being outside to walk into the freezer. They had a ton of penguins too of all different shapes and sizes. It was neat to see them next to each other and compare the likenesses and differences.



On the way out of the ride we walked past a huge pane of glass where you could see the penguins diving. There were very few people in the area so I took my Little Cricket out of the baby bjiorn and let him hang out with the penguins. He was in love!




My mom popped into the gift store on the way out of the Penguin ride area and she couldn’t help but grab my Little Cricket a little gift. She got him a Plucky, the star of the ride, and he just adored that little bird so much!



There were several other areas with fish tanks and so many sea animals and fish. I particuarlly loved the shark tank and the moving walkway under the tank. It allows you to really feel like you are in the water with those predators. SPOOKY.





And at last we got to see the Killer Whale show. They have stopped allowing the trainers in the water after the horrible acciendents the shows have had. It wasn’t the same without seeing the trainers leaping and jumping with the whales but it was still magnificent to see those animals. Another long day, its time to put my feet up.



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