Monday, August 25, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 3 - Orlando: At the Campground

My parents are staying at this amazing resort. It is gigantic with two huge pools, tons of outdoor equipment for activities, and plenty of space. Most of the time when we spent our days at the park we were either inside or in one of the two pools. In fact sometimes we were there multiple times a day. It was just too hot to go outside unless you were in the water. My favorite time to go was at dusk, the temperature had dropped slightly by then which was good but more than anything the sun had dropped out of the way. We all had lots of fun in the pool, even if my Little Cricket decided after the first day that he no longer wanted to use his floaty.







When we weren’t out in the pool we stayed nice and cozy in the air conditioning of my parents RV. Mom would be whipping up something tasty…. Ummmm date nut and spice bars. And there was always someone playing with the baby.



The best part about this park however was the getaway cabin. My mom and dad get a free week, aka I got a free week. Its just a small space with a bedroom, a loft a family room and kitchen but it was perfect for my Little Cricket and I. I could spread out all my stuff, and we weren’t tripping over each other at night. I made a diaper changing station on the kitchen counter and a few other adjustments like plug protectors on the sockets and some interesting work to make a baby gate so my Little Cricket wouldn’t get to the stairs.




I had rented a crib from a local vendor my mom found. That made naptimes so much easier. I would put the baby down for his nap and my parents and I would sit around the kitchen table playing games. It was perfect.


We also made sure to send daddy lots of photos. He was stuck at work this week and wont be joining my Little Cricket and me until next week. Boy did that kid just LOVE the vcr and tv!


Every morning I would get up and get us both dressed. We would head over, earlier than I would have liked to my parents RV where we would get some breakfast and get on with our plans for the day.


One day my mom and I decided to brave the heat for a very short walk around the campground. The heat stopped us from doing any kind of extensive exploring but we were just happy to be out. My parents little dog Zeus joined us and my Little Cricket loved being able to hold the leash.



Because they are at this campground so often, and because my parents made a wildlife book for this area, they know where to find cool things and what their names are. My mom spotted a bunch of different little wonders on our walk that I was able to get great photos of.










Every night after dinner, and after another long day I headed the short walk back to my little getaway cabin. The sun was almost either just setting or had just set and with the storms in Florida this time of year I often had the most beautiful sky on my walk. I really miss the weather living in LALA land, so being somewhere with clouds, and rain and giant thunderstorms really sings to my heart.


I brought my laptop with me, hoping to continue to try and catch up on my blog, but I am always so super tired. I did manage to work on it twice. Most nights I opened it for only 10 or 15 minutes to write down the notes from the day before getting ready for bed.


And right before I went to sleep I took my Clomid pill. Its month two and we are really hoping to be pregnant soon!


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