Sunday, August 24, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 2 - Orlando: Bok Tower Gardens

The first day we were together my parents and I sat down and made up a game plan for our week. Its how we role, we like to maximize the fun and with a baby to plan around it made it a little bit more difficult. Despite the heat we were going to do several outdoor things and we were just going to have to cut things short if my Little Cricket started overheating.


Today we decided to visit the Bok Tower Gardens. We went relatively early, to try and get the cooler part of the day and also to beat the late afternoon storms that tend to come by every single day. All of us have similar interests, and the gardens sounded fun for us all. Aside from knowing we would all be seeing something new, there was also the fact that in the gardens there are always fun things to find.






We walked through the thick Florida forest in search of the main architectural attraction at the Bok Tower Gardens. Meandering through the twisted path the trees blocked the view of the 205 foot tower. It was only, finally turning a corner, that we were able to see the tower from the base of reflection pond. The tower is a Neo-gothic Art Deco Singing Tower. Built by Edward Bok in 1922, the tower was reflective of the building he used to see as a child in the Netherlands. Dang those bells are loud when this thing goes off. Although the tower was magnificent, in particular that beautiful golden door, we were all mesmerized by the biggest lily pads I have ever seen. SERIOUSLY so big!!!







After the tower we went off to start exploring the acres and acres of gardens. All of us had our cameras ready and we found so many cool bugs. My mom has an eagle eye for finding little tiny critters and we all were crouching, reaching and stretching to get the best views and angles. I had the most fun photographing the tiny Orchard Spider. A little smaller than a penny these guys were super cool. Of course all the bugs are cool, as long as they don’t touch me.









Up to this point we had only been out for a little over an hour but we were already feeling the intense heat. My dad packs his water bottles with ice to keep them cool, so we gave my Little Cricket one to hold. Like an ice pack this thing was awesome for giving him a little relief.


We spent another hour outside. We walked a very long rust road to the mansion finding all kinds of interesting things on the way. Once we got to another part of the gardens my mom took My Little Cricket out for a little stroll in the shade. He is getting so much better at walking, as long as someone always has his hands.







Sadly we got to the mansion only to find out that it was closed for another hour. There was no way we were going to make it waiting that long. We were all roasting, especially my Little Cricket who had finally fallen asleep. It was just way too HOT. We decided to walk back to the visitor center and soak in the air conditioning.



That visitor center was PURE MAGIC. The air felt breathable and we all sat to watch a little introductory movie. Afterwards we looked in on the visitor center. It was fun to see the flora and fauna in the area as well as the history and how those bells work.

Bok’s grandmother said. ‘Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.’ I think he did an awesome job with this garden.



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