Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 18 - The Florida Keys: Hawks Cay Resort

Finally it was time to go to the Florida Keys. The only reservations/plans I made before I left California was to make reservations for the week in the Keys. Mr. Rogue and I considered staying at one end of the keys for a few days and then staying at the other end for a few days but changing hotels with a baby is hard, and I knew by this time in our trip we would be tired of being on the go. Since the drive from one end of the keys to the other is over two and a half hours we opted to stay ‘somewhere in the middle’ of the keys. I don’t know how people booked trips before the internet… seriously though I spent so much time researching the perfect place. We wanted somewhere where my Little Cricket could have fun and somewhere where Mr. Rogue and I wouldn't get frowned on if he was a little loud. I ran across good reviews of Hawks Cay Resort, right dab in the middle of the keys which was perfect, and kid friendly.



The best part is that they had condos to rent. I was sold. The condo was super clean and just perfect. A little kitchen, a little dining room, a little kitchen, awesome balconies overlooking the water at sunset and two bedrooms upstairs. We had to do a little ghetto superstar gate for the stairwell with some chairs but that is really the only baby proofing we had to do. The resort also had a complementary pack and play and a high chair brought to the condo. Our little Florida home away from home.





As for the pools there were several. The lagoon was by far my favorite, filled with water from the ocean it was a man-made circle pool that wasn't too deep and that had a nice sandy grade to it. My Little Cricket LOVED the lagoon. We spent quite a bit of time flipping between the lagoon and the pool. It was so hot out that the only place you could be happy outside was in the water. My Little Cricket also loved the Pirate ship pool just for kids. Although he was a little young still to go climbing all over the pirate ship he still loved the water fountains and the shallow wade pool area.





Most of our meals we cooked at the condo. It was just easier than constantly going out with my Little Cricket. He was such a trooper being confined so much in his car seat, a high chair, the stroller or us holding him that we wanted to give him plenty of opportunity for floor time as well. The other added bonus of eating in was watching the most beautiful sunsets ever. With the cloud cover and constant thunder storms this time of year the sunsets were simply magnificent.





When we did venture out the food was hit or miss. And since it was off season a few times the restaurant was even closed when we got there. One place I researched ended up being a take out counter type of ‘restaurant’ with some picnic tables out back to eat your food. We almost turned around and left but the reviews said the food was good… and I figured while in Rome. So we ordered… me a burger that was actually delicious, and Mr. Rogue lobster. We ate with a beautiful view of the harbor.



That first night we got the baby to bed. Mr. Rogue jumped on the laptop and I was doing research for our next day out on my phone. Sadly we both got bit up like crazy a few days ago by no-see-ums. Those little devils normally love Mr. Rogue and don’t bother me at all. But this time our legs were both COVERED in bites. Thankfully my Little Cricket escaped with only one tiny bite. So Mr. Rogue and I sat on the couch, the benadryl cream I had brought sitting between us. The next two hours resulted in more alcohol, itching, curses, benadryl applying and more curses.


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