Monday, September 1, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 10 - Sarasota: KISS - Wants vs. Needs

Today Ms. Ivey and I wanted to go to the aquarium. But a whole lot of drama got in the way of our plans. I was getting too burned out from being always on the go, and the aquarium was over an hour away, my Little Cricket seemed like he was done driving in the car. We went to breakfast at this awesome little place. They had the hands down best scalloped breakfast potatoes I have ever had. In fact we may or may not have ordered an extra serving… because they were that friggin good. But even on this short drive my Little Cricket wasn’t happy. Normally he is so easy going and laid back, I knew he had reached his limit. And as his mom, I feed off his emotions, so I had had it as well.



We decided to keep the day simple. We popped by the beach, just so I could see it. We checked out Ms. Iveys new school she is teaching at. We shopped a little and then we went for dinner at Ms. Ivey's new favorite local chinese place. Again incredible food. And because they didn’t have any high chairs available with working seat belts I got to use my wicked MacGyver skills to rig up my diaper bag strap as our own belt buckle. Worked like a charm.




And on the way home we swung by to get a few more cupcakes. Because we were out and they were yummy. Looking over the refrigerator we realized that there was an abundance of watermelon that needed to be eaten right away. Ms. Ivey jumped on pintrest and found a recipe. She ran to the store, got a few ingredients and we sipped yummy watermelon icee’s and ate cupcakes.




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