Saturday, August 23, 2014

Florida Road Trip Day 1 - Orlando: Evil’s Sweat Lodge aka Summer in Florida

It was traveling day. My Little Cricket and I are going on a three week, three pronged adventure. First stop is Orlando to visit my parents, second stop is Tampa to visit Ms. Ivey, and the third wandering stop is a road trip with Mr. Rogue from Tampa down the coast and cutting across the everglades to the Keys. I am sure I will be one EXHAUSTED mama when we are done but I am so super excited as well.






As My Little Cricket gets older, more mobile, and less content to sit for long periods of time quiet and still, I often wonder if this trip was going to be the ‘trip that goes horribly wrong’ and makes me want to travel never again. I brought more toys and things to keep my son occupied than I have ever brought before and we did really well… until we got to Flordia and sat on the tarmac for another hour. You see I had spaced out my toys, tricks and entertainments for our arrival, but I made the newbie mom mistake of not making sure that I had backups… you know in case of a delay on the friggin tarmac.



I was super excited to finally arrive, find my mom and hand off the baby. She was ALL TOO HAPPY to take him off my hands. She got him out of the stroller, and lead him around while she watched to flag down daddy. I stayed to get the rest of the bags. And then I stepped outside of the terminal to meet my mom and hit a wall of air so thick with HEAT that I could barely breath. Florida in August is no joke ladies and gentlemen… it is too HOT!


Finally after a long day we arrived at home and I finally got to see my parents new RV. You see they are traveling, retired and living the life they always dreamed. It has taken them a while to find the groove, learning all the ins and outs of this new lifestyle and one of the things that had to change was their RV. This place is super cool, inside you don’t even feel like you are in an RV. But better than the RV was how happy my parents were to spend time with their little grand baby. Both haven’t been feeling awesome, so this was the prefect thing to lift their spirits.



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Jennifer Arens said...

I haven't even seen their new place! Maybe I'll just go, I have nothing but time!

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