Thursday, September 25, 2014

Clomid Round 3

I have been taking pregnancy tests every morning for the past week each time praying that this would be the positive test I was looking for… and then I got my period. I got pregnant on the first round the last time I used Clomid when I got pregnant with My Little Cricket. I was really hoping that by this time I would be pregnant. Every month that creeps by I get more and more anxious. And anxiety isnt good for me trying to get pregnant. I eat more. I cry more. I get older. I worry about never being able to have a second child.

But then I shake it off. I realize that I am still not pregnant but that it has only been two months of us trying. It takes most couples up to six months so I should at least give myself until then before I start freaking out again. I am ovulating so that is fantastic too. I just have to keep the faith and try and minimize the dread I feel with another month of taking hormones, counting days and waiting, praying for a miracle.

My doctor seems unconcerned although she did switch the days I take my pills. I was taking them day 5-9 of my cycle but now she has moved me to day 3-7. Some women respond better to an earlier start time.

Here is hoping that this will be the month.

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