Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to the Babies and the Playdates and My Chaotic Home

I am never leaving home again. As in I am never stepping foot out of my comfy home in forever. I will get everything ordered and I will live my life in these four walls. In all seriousness I am wiped out. Super tired. Super cranky. Taking naps when my son naps and going to bed early desperately trying to get my energy back.

Now that I am home though I wanted to reconnect with my mom group. I haven’t seen many of them in well over a month. Since it was hot outside I invited everyone over my house for a little r&r play date. The kiddos always have a great time and us moms can be a little more relaxed with our little cave people in a baby proofed contained environment.

As always when I have these get togethers we end up with way more people than I originally thought, but that is part of the fun, the beautiful chaos of it all. Other than a little too much competition of who was going to get to drive the car most of the kids did awesome playing together.







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