Saturday, August 2, 2014

Time to Get to the Bottom of the Allergy

My Little Cricket is off when it comes to food. I think he is allergic to dairy and after trying to introduce it multiple times I finally talked to my pediatrician about getting him tested. So she gave me a few referals, I asked around and found out who was the best of those doctors, and I made an appointment to see what is going on once and for all.


I really dislike going to the doctor, and I dislike it even more now that I have a child. The wait times, despite having an appointment suck. I brought a few of his favorite toys and it was nice that this office at least had some fun little board games to keep my Little Cricket entertained.



Finally we were called back for a consultation, the doctor agreed that getting him tested for the most common allergies was the next step. But then I was told we would have to wait another month to get our next appointment. Annoyed I spoke to the receptionist, and then the office manager, and they fit us in RIGHT NOW. I mean we were there and I just was desperate for some answers.

Of course we had to wait a little while to get called back to a testing room, but at least I didn’t have to wait a month. Our new allergy doctor decided to get four tests done at once. Each test had eight samples to see if my Little Cricket reacted. The nurse who administered the test said that the needles are super fine and that it shouldn’t hurt much. We both held our breath as she held the test strip to his back and pricked his skin.



He didn’t even blink… he was such a trooper. The hardest part of the test was to keep his back from touching anything for 20 minutes.

At first all the points where the needle touched his skin turned red, but after a while little welts showed up on the areas that were problematic. The doctor came back to read off some numbers of severity of the reaction to the nurse but unfortunately I have to make another appointment to go over those results. SIGH.


A few days later I went back to the office and got to sit down with the doctor. The good news is that my Little Cricket isnt allergic to dairy. The bad news is that he is allergic to a bunch of other things. I knew something was wrong, the fact that I was linking it to dairy was incorrect but he is allergic to other things.


Out of everything he got the worst reaction from apples and eggs. Every single day my Little Cricket has eaten one of these allergens. Hopefully now that I know what foods to avoid my Little Cricket will do much better.

I cannot explain to you the relief I feel that he ISNT allergic to dairy. Dairy is a huge food group, yogurt, cheese, milk, all of these have high fat which is essential for brain growth. I will be adding dairy now to the menu.

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Jennifer Arens said...

Be thankful he isn't allergic to nuts as well!

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