Friday, August 8, 2014

The Week in Moments: 64 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

We are still doing well without the binkie. I do feel an itch to get it out when you are being especially cranky but we ARE both managing without it. By giving up your binkie you now have gained two new behaviors. You have several animals that grace your crib, a bear that I got you, a rhino from Aunt Dancer, a glow worm from Grandma Traveler, and your owl from Aunt Ivey. Up until this point you liked your stuffed animal menagerie, but you could take it or leave it. Pre-binkie embargo it didn’t really matter if those stuffed animals were in the crib or not. Now however you love these four animals. You carry them around with you, you hug them and kiss them, and now one of these animals are now what you hand to me each morning when I greet you. Sadly giving up the binkie also lead you to suck your thumb. The plus side is that you always have your thumb with you, to self sooth whenever you need it. The bad side is that you are now sucking your thumb, you are sucking your thumb often, and I am now having second thoughts and am not really sure if it is a good thing to have given up the binkie.



So far you can say mama & dada but you say mama to me and the dog, so I am not really sure you KNOW what it means. This week however we were eating at the high chair and you dropped something on the floor. I said ‘Uh-oh’ and you repeated me crystal clear ‘Uh-oh’. I jumped for joy. And then you have repeated it a hundred times mostly in the correct context. Its so funny how a little word can give me such a rush of adrenaline. This being a mom thing is seriously the best thing I have ever done.


We went to a playplace this week, Under the Sea, for the first time in months. The last time we came you were really too young to enjoy many of the stations. This time you had a blast. Its getting to the point where I have to take you out everyday, at least somewhere, even to the grocery store. This place is a nice change of pace, you can get into anything you want, and this woman has so many toys.




While we were there you kept going back again and again to this little lawn mower. I remember my brothers having something like this when we were kids, and you loved it as much as they did. You are walking at home with your walkers but what was awesome about the lawnmower was that it didn’t have much support. Even without the support that you were used too you did great walking behind this mower, which you mainly used just for balance.


Now that you are ALMOST walking and finally getting to the age where you can and should actually wear shoes I am so super excited. Not only for you to walk and pass that milestone but also because this mama just loves shoes. I bought several little adorable pairs when you were just a baby… but then I realized that you never wore them, nor did you need them. SO I put my shoe dreams on hold and instead obsessed over hats and socks. Anyways, my long wait is over and I have since ordered a few shoes. Mr. Rogue and I got in a debate over how many shoes a child should have. I think as many as possible… my husband is thinking two. I settled on five.



You continue to be curious and adventurous, and cautious, and accident prone. I love all the exploring you are doing but it is hard making sure you don’t get into things you shouldn’t, or making sure you don’t get hurt. You are currently rocking a slight black eye, a knot on your forehead and a big gash on your bottom lip… you are slowly starting to look like an accident victim. Or a little boy.







Motherhood is so confusing. Just when I think I am getting on top of things, and getting into a great groove you decide to mess with the plan. Don’t you know that mama likes a plan, a well ordered, non-messy plan. For instance whats going on with you and blueberries. You LOVE blueberries, they are one of your favorite go to awesome snacks. And then you just decided they weren’t for you, for three weeks. I kept offering them every other day and you would just ignore them. And then a few days ago you started gobbling them up again. SIGH. This whole thing would be so much easier with a guidebook.

In other food news you are loving any kind of bean and of course the daily dose of frozen peas. You still refuse to eat any kind of meat I give to you, and its super frustrating. Maybe you are trying to tell me that you just want to be a vegetarian. We also, as per the results of your allergy test this week, started cheese this week and we cut out all the other allergins in your diet.
started cheese this week and cut out all the other allergens. After an intial bout of 8 dirty diapers a day for a few days you did exactly what the doctor said and you evened out on your own. Now that I know what you are allergic too I am not second guesing ever sneeze and cough. You are doing awesome.



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