Friday, August 1, 2014

The Week in Moments: 63 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

I have been thinking for a while now that I need to wean you off your binkie. No time seems like a good time to start because you have been teething, or we have been traveling. However one day this week we came home from the beach and you were EXHAUSTED. I couldn’t find your binkie, so I just put you down for your nap without it. You didn’t need it at all, and so I thought why not wean you now. So I put all your binkies in a drawer and we struggled through a tough three days. In fact we struggled so much that first 24 hours that I almost gave in. You are after all only a baby for such a short amount of time, and why should I make you give something up that you love so much. However we made it past the hard part, I think, and you are doing much better. You are however now a thumb sucker, so I am not really sure if I just traded in one soothing device for another. But that is a topic for a whole other conversation. For now you are ok without it. Bye bye binkie.






I am so thankful that we have a dog in the house. He is a constant companion, playmate, jungle gym for you. Rogue has always been an awesome dog, but he is even more awesome with you. He is super gentle and patient and when he has had enough of your poking and prodding he simply just walks away. This week I was doing dishes. You were sitting on the ground behind me and I hear you giggling with glee. I turned to see you feeding your snacks to Rogue. You and Rogue discovered its better, and way more fun to eat together. After watching you for a few minutes I whipped out my phone and took a little video. SO CUTE.



Last week you figured out how to open the two bottom drawers in the kitchen, drawers that are sadly not baby proofed. So I simply took out the things from those two drawers that I didn’t want you to get into. Unfortunately this week you figured out how to open ALL the drawers. And since I cannot move everything out, and I have yet to have my worker come to install the baby locks, I am left getting a little inventive. Say hello to my ghetto superstar tie job. It will work for the next week or two.






You are so inquisitive. You are now trying to figure out cause and effect of things. You turn things over, you look for things that went missing and you are trying to figure out how it all works. Of course with this increased awareness of whats around you, you are getting into more trouble. Every time I look at your face it seems like another bump or bruise is there. This week you got this weird bump on the corner of your eye. I know you will always be coming to me with bumps and bruises, you are a little boy after all, but I just want to protect you from the world.





I went with you to the mall today. You are always so amazing in the stroller. After a little over an hour we headed toward the play area. Most of the time this place is packed with kids, but today there weren’t that many, and I thought we would try it and see how you did. Although you still aren’t walking yet, without holding onto anything I think you had a great time exploring.


Your father has gone to a whole new level with editing your photos… seriously Star Trek Cricket (with a little cone head thrown in) isn’t exactly the look I want texted to me. He makes me laugh, your daddy does.



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