Friday, August 15, 2014

The Week in Moments: 15 Months Old (65 Weeks)

My Little Cricket,

The big news this week is that you are now an official walker. You took two steps in a row this week. First in your play yard with your father and I both watching with glee and then afterwards a few different times that we noted. The longest stretch was you to the refrigerator, your current new obsession in the kitchen. You walked 5 steps. Give you a few weeks and I know you will be zipping all over the place.



Since you have been doing so well now with cheese this past week that I have added milk and yogurt this week. I am hoping with the fat in dairy we can plump you up a little. Finding yogurt that was full fat without a ton of extra sugar was a chore, only one of the yogurts at the store fit the bill. Right now you are drinking coconut milk and almond milk. We had to drop soy milk because of your allergy to soy beans. I decided to add regular full fat cows milk in place of the soy milk I was giving you. That way you get benefits of all three milks. I am so super happy that you are not allergic to dairy, cutting out a whole food group like that would have been very difficult.



We did great without the binkie and then you started teething. We had a long nightmare kind of day and then after only 9 days… I admit to being horribly weak, I caved with the binkie. I was trying to get you to sleep, and I was exhausted, and you sounded so sad crying and whimpering that I just couldn’t do it. I gave you that binkie and the world was right again. You were SO HAPPY. I reflect back on why I even bothered to take it away in the first place if at the first sign of trouble I would just go back. I have never understood the motto of ‘whatever it takes to get through the day’ more than I did in that moment. The one and only good thing that came out of the whole debacle, or at least I am telling myself it was a good thing, is that my Little Cricket learned to self sooth. Sure he is sucking his thumb to do the soothing. But now when I see he gets terribly frustrated or tired instead of getting upset he just pops his finger in his mouth.





We have a great little routine that we do most days that includes meal times, snack times, nap time, free play time, reading and learning time. I work much better on a schedule and I feel like having a little structure to our days helps us both be productive. During learning time I have been working with you for a while now with puzzels, a shape sorter, some learning toys, nestling cups together and stacking blocks. This week you mastered the block stacking. We can now stack a tower about 8 high, and you love it falling down just as much as you love stacking them up.



We go out almost every single day. I usually try and leave one day a week for errands but most of the time we are out having fun. The beach continues to be one of our favorite places to chill, and other moms from our mom group are always game to join us.




You are starting to use mama just for me now and I just adore it. Finally you know who I am, and you have something you can bellow at the top of your lungs when you wake up or when you are hungry or if you just need attention. I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to hear your sweet voice call for me.





You are pointing to things you want this week. You point up, you point to your milk and of course you point to my camera and phone when I try and take a photo.


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