Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our First Time at the Natural History Museum

Moving to LALA land in my 20s showed me the wild, party, crazy side of LA. The dancing at the clubs, the drinking at the hundreds of amazing bars, the poolside mansion parties. I fell in love with LA. And then I grew up, got married, and learned a whole other side of LA. The sophisticated culture, the museums and fancy restaurants, the box seats at the Hollywood Bowl where I could actually see the performers and have a bit of free elbow space. And then I had a baby and LA is changing for me again. Now I am at the parks, at the beaches with only clean bathrooms, figuring out which malls have the best play areas, and exploring the fun museums of the city geared less toward fine art and more to exploring and learning.

Today our adventures took us to the Natural History Museum with our friends. I cannot belive the beautiful gems I have turned up, and this place is one of them. We had such a great amazing fantastic time, we were there for hours and didn’t even see a fourth of the place. In fact we loved it so much here that we got a yearly pass. That caps me out at our yearly passes, we have the aquarium, the zoo, and now the history museum. Done and done, at least for the year.





I really loved the dinosaur bones they had on display. I cannot wait until my Little Cricket is a little older and I can start teaching him about all the fabulous wonderful things in this world. I would love him to be into dinosaurs or astrology. He seemed to really like the massive bones.






I also really adored the taxidermy they had on display. They were really well done, even down to how intricate the scenes were. My Little Cricket especially love the elephant.





Most of all I love exploring new places. The sights, the sounds, the colors, the light, the architecture and photographing it all makes me so happy. Its part of the reason why I love to travel so much, my soul needs that exploration and wonder to feel fulfilled. But NOTHING can quite put a smile on my face quiet like birds. There is a whole Bird Hallway in this place and they have thousands of birds to see. I got really really really excited.



On the way out, of course they make you walk through the giftshop. Normally this tatict annoys me but with places like this, places where they have really unique awesome toys, I totally don’t mind. Since my Little Cricket and I are going on a long plane ride tomorrow I made sure to keep in mind something new that we could bring with us. I found the most adorable soft sided tree stump that had a little door and several holes for its little tree friends. Yes including a bird, but also housing a bear, raccoon, fox and chipmunk. And then I found the most awesome National Geographic kids book on beginning tips for kid birders. My Little Cricket is kinda young right now for this, but I cannot WAIT to start taking him birding with me.


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Jennifer Arens said...

He will never forget those dinosaurs! National Geographic books are the greatest!

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