Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Little Crickets 15 Month Peds Visit

We had my Little Crickets pediatrician appointment today just as a wellness checkup. He is still in the 25th percentile for weight, and he remains just over the 50th percentile for height. He is growing and his curve growth chart is right on par for him so the doctor is happy. He is such a good healthy baby so I am happy too.


Our main topic of conversation was allergies. She was saying that now that we know what my Little Cricket is allergic too, and now that he has been getting dairy for the past 2 months, that his weight may increase more steadily over time. Her theory was if you flood your body with things that it is allergic too and hold back fat from dairy like I was it could have effected his weight. But she reiterated that she is happy with his weight.


She also expressed a little concern that he wasn’t walking yet. But after discussing that he is cruising and walking with his walker a great deal that we shouldn’t worry about it.

I am just incredibly blessed with a healthy happy baby.

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