Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Little Cricket Gives 5 Stars to our Mexican Joint

My son eats super well. He loves almost everything we give him and it is awesome. The only thing he wont eat is avocado, so I sneak those in his shakes. And meat. He wont eat any meat unless I puree it with something else. Any kind of meat, cooked any way, he wont touch it. Every week I keep putting tiny bits of meat on his tray hoping that one day he will just take the plunge. I never make a big deal out of it. I never push the meat or try to force him to eat it.

So I keep blending to make sure he is getting all he needs to grow properly. He particularly loves blended chicken soup and blended spaghetti.

Anyways Mr. Rogue and I went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant today. It was a beautiful day and they have this fabulous outdoor patio. Typically when we go out to restaurants I bring an assortment of food in a cooler from home, and he also tends to pick off some of what both Mr. Rogue and I are eating. This time, like I usually do, I offered a few pieces of our chicken fajita meat… and he actually ate it. He gobbled it up and ate three large pieces. I was floored. Maybe this is a turning point and he will eat chicken now. I am on cloud nine. And our son, he obviously loves this Mexican restaurant.




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Jennifer Arens said...

Mexican is better than mexicannot!

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