Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Making a Decision about Schooling… and I Reserve the Right to Change my Mind

It is getting to that age in all of my mommy groups where people are starting to freak about about where their kids are going to preschool. Because as one mother told me: ‘If you don’t get in the right preschool, my son is never going to get into Harvard.”

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. I know we live in lala land. I know that the preschool situation here is competitive. I know many who are jocking for interviews and pushing their budgets to the max so their kid can go to the best schools. I know it just isnt for me and my family.

First of all my Little Cricket is only 15 months old. He is still a baby. He still needs me so much, and I cannot bear the thought of leaving his formatible years in the hands of someone else. I also think that there are so many problems with our education system.

So after much agonizing I have decided to NOT send my son to preschool. To not send him to kindergarden. To not send him to elementary school. I am going to try homeschooling my kids. I am not 100 % sure of this decision, and I may love it or hate it. My son may thrive or we may find out after trying for a while that he needs to go to school. And we can reassess then. So for now I have decided that I am going to try it. The more research I do about homeschooling the more appealing it becomes.

Who would have my sons best interests at heart better than me. Who would know him so well as to taylor education to his special strengths. Who would give him as much one on one time as his mother.

I cannot wait! And for now I am just going to let him play and explore and create and be a child. The world will be our education environment. There is plenty of time for all that book learning later.

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Jennifer Arens said...

You'll be great at it! Plus you can allow field trips to cross state lines at any time~

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