Saturday, August 16, 2014

Date Night Under the Stars

Mr. Rogue and I have been BUSY. With taking care of our son, Mr. Rogue’s demanding time consuming job, my various projects it seems like most nights at the end of the day, without any more energy left, we just slouch in front of the tv. Connecting in your relationship, making time for each other, and having fun are important to keeping a strong connection. Although we don’t get to get out nearly enough in my mind we try the best we can. Tonight I arranged for Ms. Dancer to come over and watch my Little Cricket so Mr. Rogue and I could go see the stars, and breathe together for a minute, and have some fun.

Mr. Rogue and I have been wanting to go to the new Griffith Observatory together for over a year. Today, that is exactly what we did. We left our house around 4 thinking we would get up to the observatory in time for a show and the sunset. It was SO SUPER busy up there and we had to park WAY down the mountain, which means we had to hike over a mile uphill to get to the observatory. It was less than ideal.




We did manage to get to the top. We got tickets for the planetarium. We got to see the sunset. And we even got to spend quite some time in the observatory museum.




By the time we got out of the museum and saw the show it was getting close to 8. We hiked back down to our car and I called to shift our dinner reservation since we were very obviously going to be late. I then had to call Ms. Dancer and make sure she was ok with a modified getting home time. Man it is tough to have a curfew again.


We made it to the Palms, a steakhouse a mom friend recommended to me. It was SUPER delicious. They carried one of my favorite wines and Mr. Rogue, who is kind of a huge food snob, had what he called the best lobster he has ever eaten. Total date night success right there people!


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Jennifer Arens said...

Glad you could make a great night together!

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