Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Clomid Round 1: Results

Yesterday I went and got my blood test done to see if I am pregnant. It was our first round of Clomid, and since we got pregnant with my Little Cricket our first round last time I was very very hopeful we would be as lucky our second time around. Sadly I am not pregnant. This it the exact roller coaster I do not want to be on. I just wish I could get pregnant like so many others. But I refuse to complain, I refuse to give up, I am blessed with one beautiful child, and I am very hopeful our second round of Clomid will result in our second healthy child.

I had plans with my mom friends to go out for drinks sans kids tonight. Two of the four women I was supposed to meet are pregnant. Going out was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to sit in bed and cry. Instead I got up, got dressed and went out. Time to put on some big girl panties… and besides I knew I would have fun once I was there.

We had plans to meet at the Shangra La Hotel in Santa Monica. I had heard great things about this place and I had never been. My husband would have loved the bar we met in. The room glowed slowly from various different color lights. It was a chill crowd and we were able to chat for hours without too much interruption. And you know what, it felt good to talk about how I was feeling. To get reassurance from the other moms that my time would come. I love these women.




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