Saturday, August 9, 2014

BBBS 70: Camping, Someone Want’s to See a Bear

This morning Ms. Dancer and I woke up bright and early, sadly before my Little Cricket woke up, and headed over to pick up Ms. Little and her twin for a two day camping trip. We have been talking about this all year, and although I didn’t want to leave my baby, I knew he and his dad would do great. Mr. Rogue is a hands on dad, and getting a little time away from the baby will be good for me.

We arrived first at Big Bear nature center. It was small but good. They had a ton of stuffed animals and pelts for us to touch. We talked to one of the rangers and got a few good hikes to try out.



One was right outside the visitor center so we decided to try that one. It ended up being pretty bland. A cemented over trail that lead around the lake but that was packed with bikers. We didn’t go that far before we decided to turn back. It wasn’t exactly becoming one with nature like we had thought. We grabbed a quick lunch and then attempted to go kayaking. We tried all three places and they were all booked with a long wait time. Instead of wasting time we decided to go to our campsite and set up the tent while we knew we would still have light. I know from experience setting up a tent in the dark is less than fun.




Since I just planned the trip last week there weren’t much camping spots left available for the night. Origioanlly we planned on staying in Big Bear Lake but it was full. I managed to get a campsite about an hour south of the lake down the hill that would work for us. We got the tent set up. The girls put in the stakes while Mrs. Dancer and I attempted to get the poles setup. Finally with lots of giggles and laughs the tent went up. Then it was breaktime.



It was still early, we had a couple hours until the sun went down, and in my research I learned of a cool hike at the campground. We decided to check it out. What a BEAUTIFUL hike. It was exactly what we were looking for earlier in the day. A plain dirt trail snaked around the mountains with beautiful sweeping views. And the best news is that we didn’t see a single person while out there.






Ms. Little wanted to see a bear… ahhh none of the rest of us did. Thank goodness we didn’t get to see one. Her twin however wanted to see some deer and I did spot a few in the distance. I think a doe and her two babies.



The coolest thing by far was the reptile that Ms. Little found just off the path. At first I thought it was a snake… a short snake with its tail chopped off. But then on closer inspection I saw little legs. When we got back to the campsite I found out that it was a Southern Alligator Lizard. Something that I had never seen before or heard of before. Pretty friggin cool!!




We decided to turn back. The sun was starting to set and we didn’t have flash lights if we got caught in the dark. We did manage to get back to the site in time for one game of bochi ball. It was so much fun. I remember playing this game often as a child, and now I have my own set. Ms. Little and I won of course!


Finally it was time for my favorite part. We built a big fire and roasted hot dogs over the open flames. I wish I had gotten some of that campfire tint, that changes the flames different colors, next time. And then it was time for smores… yummy yummy umm yumm.



Mr. Rogue was doing well at home with my Little Cricket. He sent me updates and photos all day long. And as I laid there in my sleeping bag on the hard ground I scrolled through the hundreds of photos on my phone. Miss that little cutie.



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