Sunday, August 10, 2014

BBBS 70: Camping, I Wonder How Far I Can Push My Tired Beatup Body

This morning, or all through the night, I kept waking up. The ground must get harder as I get older because DANG it was hard to get comfortable, fall asleep and stay asleep. I definatly creaked as I climbed out of my sleeping bag a little too early this morning. At least being a mom now I am conditioned to getting little sleep and waking early.

We changed, got some breakfast and working together we quickly took down our campsite and packed the car. Despite the fact that I am so NOT a morning person, I do love the morning light. I love how driving everything is bathed in this beautiful glow of awesome softness. I simply couldn’t help myself and had to pull over a few times to take some photos.



Finally we got to the lake and we were pleasantly surprised that after the chaos yesterday that it was so quiet. Since we really wanted to go kayaking we went straight to the rental agency. We were able to get two double kayaks for an hour. Kayaking on a clear sunny day, on a calm flat lake was just heavenly. Nature at its finest and most pure. Ms Little and I even bonded with a family of ducks. All too early it was time to turn around and go back… don’t worry we weren’t too sad, our arms were already feeling the burn.




The good news is that no one drowned. I was so nervous about tipping over but Ms. Little and I made it without any issues. Ms. Dancer and my littles twin however got stuck on a sandbar just outside of the shore. Instead of trying to backtrack Mrs. Dancer decided to jump out and simply push them the 20 feet to shore… unfortunately she jumped into a quagmire of mud. She threw her electronics to shore. She pushed the canoe toward the beach and she proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes trying to get her feet out of the mud without losing her shoes. She finally managed, with both shoes saved, and waded ashore COVERED in mud.

Thankfully the kayaking place let us use the hose to spray her down and we were able to get the worst of the mud off of her.


Now that our arms were destroyed it was time to annihilate our legs. While doing research about the hikes in the area I came upon review after review of how incredible the Castle Rock Trail was. Unfortunatly for this trail, and every single other trail in this area… because we are you know in the mountains, is that it was graded as hard, steep, and not for the faint of heart. Our options were to try this hike, or one equally as hard, or to wander around the flat paved bike trail we took yesterday that none of us liked.

So without too much argument we decided to try the hike. After all we were women, hear us roar, we could do it. I look back at these photos, we were all naively happy and smiling. That hike was NO JOKE. We walked 3 miles straight up that evil mountain, almost died, and then hiked 3 miles straight down. On the plus side, the reviewers didn’t lie, that hike was gorgeous. When I could find the energy to lift my sweat drenched red panting face to look at the view I forgot for a moment the torture we were putting ourselves through.









Starving after our arm workout paddling on the lake and then our leg workout climbing up the evil mountain we headed to lunch. Yelp is my best friend while traveling and Mrs. Dancer was able to find something close that got good reviews for yummy food. The Log Cabin was just what I wanted. I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak sandwhich that came with the most ridiculous fries ever. It may have been flavored with just the right touch of hunger.


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What an incredible day! Philly looks fantastic! Flavor or hunger is hilarious!

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